Dipl.-Math. Florian Bruse
Universität Kassel
Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informatik
FG Theoretische Informatik/Formale Methoden
Wilhelmshöher Allee 71-73
34121 Kassel

Phone: +49-561-804-6623
Room: WA73-1306
E-mail: florian.bruse@uni-kassel.de

Research Interests:
Higher-Order Modal Logic, Higher-Order Automata, Descriptive Complexity

Ph.D. Project:
Automata Models for Higher-Order Logics
Supervisor: Martin Lange

dblp page

Journal Papers
On Guarded Transformation in the Modal Mu-Calculus. Logic Journal of the IGPL, 2015 23(2) 194-216 (Oxford Journals)
(joint work with Oliver Friedmann and Martin Lange)

Papers at Refereed Conferences
Alternating Parity Krivine Automata. MFCS 2014, Budapast, Hungary (SpringerLink)

The Fixpoint-Iteration Algorithm for Parity Games. GandALF 2014, Verona, Italy (EPTCS)
(joint work with Michael Falk and Martin Lange)

Alternation Is Strict For Higher-Order Modal Fixpoint Logic. GandALF 2016, Catania, Italy (EPTCS; NB: Result only holds up to order 2)

A Canonical Model Construction for Iteration-Free PDL with Intersection. GandALF 2016, Catania, Italy (EPTCS)
(joint work with Daniel Kernberger and Martin Lange)

On the Relationship Between Higher-Order Recursion Schemes and Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. POPL 2017, Paris, France (Long version at coauthor's page)
(joint work with Naoki Kobayasi and Étienne Lozes)

Space-Efficient Fragments of Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. RP 2017, London, UK (SpringerLink)
(joint work with Martin Lange and Étienne Lozes)

Workshop Papers
Collapses of Fixpoint Alternation Hierarchies in Low Type-Levels of Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. PARIS 2018, London, UK
(joint work with Martin Lange and Étienne Lozes)

Polynomial guarded transformation for the modal mu-calculus is still open. Highlights 2013, Paris, France (arXiv-Version; NB: refer to journal paper for an updated and improved version)
(joint work with Oliver Friedmann and Martin Lange)