Dr. Florian Bruse
Universität Kassel
Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informatik
FG Theoretische Informatik/Formale Methoden
Wilhelmshöher Allee 71-73
34121 Kassel

Phone: +49-561-804-6623
Room: WA73-1309
E-mail: florian.bruse@uni-kassel.de

Research Interests:
Higher-Order Modal Logic, Higher-Order Automata, Descriptive Complexity

dblp page

Journal Papers
On Guarded Transformation in the Modal Mu-Calculus. Logic Journal of the IGPL, 2015 23(2) 194-216 (Oxford Journals)
(joint work with Oliver Friedmann and Martin Lange)

The Complexity of Model-Checking Tail-Recursive Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. accepted at: Fundamenta Informaticae
(joint work with Martin Lange and Étienne Lozes)

Papers at Refereed Conferences
Alternating Parity Krivine Automata. MFCS 2014, Budapast, Hungary (SpringerLink)

The Fixpoint-Iteration Algorithm for Parity Games. GandALF 2014, Verona, Italy (EPTCS)
(joint work with Michael Falk and Martin Lange)

Alternation Is Strict For Higher-Order Modal Fixpoint Logic. GandALF 2016, Catania, Italy (EPTCS; NB: Result only holds up to order 2)

A Canonical Model Construction for Iteration-Free PDL with Intersection. GandALF 2016, Catania, Italy (EPTCS)
(joint work with Daniel Kernberger and Martin Lange)

On the Relationship Between Higher-Order Recursion Schemes and Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. POPL 2017, Paris, France (Long version at coauthor's page)
(joint work with Naoki Kobayasi and Étienne Lozes)

Space-Efficient Fragments of Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. RP 2017, London, UK (SpringerLink)
(joint work with Martin Lange and Étienne Lozes)

Temporal Logic with Recursion. TIME 2020, Bolzano, Italy (DROPS)
(joint work with Martin Lange)

Local Higher-Order Fixpoint Iteration. GandALF 2020, Brussels, Belgium (EPTCS)
(joint work with Jörg Kreiker, Martin Lange, and Marco Sälzer)

Workshop Papers
Collapses of Fixpoint Alternation Hierarchies in Low Type-Levels of Higher-Order Fixpoint Logic. PARIS 2018, London, UK
(joint work with Martin Lange and Étienne Lozes)

Polynomial guarded transformation for the modal mu-calculus is still open. Highlights 2013, Paris, France (arXiv-Version; NB: refer to journal paper for an updated and improved version)
(joint work with Oliver Friedmann and Martin Lange)

Ph.D. Thesis
Extremal Fixpoints for Higher-Order Modal Logic Kassel, Germany 2018 (KOBRA)